My second visit to KrugXP; checking the cabin build.

I returned to KrugXP’s factory in Cherkassy to see how my cabin build was progressing and to discuss the details and formalities of the export process with the guys at KrugXP. Although there had been rather less progress than I’d been hoping for, I already knew that the necessity to redesign the A/C storage unit to give better service access had caused a delay, and I’ve now agreed to travel to Germany at the end of October to check over the finished, completed vehicle, before it is shipped to Dubai.

Whilst there I was able to confirm a couple of things with Joerg Eden, Krug’s chief design consultant and my main contact, about the location of the rear brake light, rear ‘scene illumination’ light, and rear view camera, plus the installation of the additional reversing lights I’ll be adding in Dubai. KrugXP agreed to run the wires for these through the roof rails, allowing me to operate them from a separate switch in the cab.

Orders from around the world

I continue to be impressed by Krug’s attention to detail and quality of installation, and am happy I made the right choice of cabin builder. Clearly I’m not the only one who feels this way – Krug are now incredibly busy building cabins destined for delivery to the Middle East, Russia, Europe, even the U.S., so I reckon I did quite well to ‘get in early’. German chassis manufacturer Excap, whose Steyr truck chassis rebuilds are widely regarded as excellent large truck bases for overland vehicles, had just delivered a chassis to KrugXP, to be fitted with a demo cabin which Steyr will use to promote sales of their chassis. However such is the demand for their trucks (there’s a two year waiting list I believe) that I can imagine the demo truck will be sold long before it’s finished – and Krug will soon be busy building them another.

Truck For Sale

If you want to get hold of a finished vehicle right now, outside in Krug’s yard was a finished MAN based vehicle which sleeps 4 or 5 comfortably and which is available for sale immediately. I believe the asking price is around EUR 275K. Tell them Tim sent you and who knows, maybe I’ll get a discount on my own cabin! Also at the premises was a Swiss owned MAN truck just back from a South American expedition and in for some refurbishment, plus a Sprinter Van based mobile home into which new furniture was being installed. So busy times for KrugXP, and it was good to be able to turn up and put some pressure on to get my own cabin finished ASAP.

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  • Hello,

    We are interested in buying a Kruger

    How is the qualtity, have you had problems, because we are not intersted in driving to the Ukraine.

    With kind regards

    Liesbeth Blaschek from the Netherlands

    • Hello Liesbeth. I have found the quality to be superb – real attention to detail and I am very happy with it. Krug’s senior design engineer Joerg lives close to the Dutch border. I am sending you his details by email. If you contact him, he can answer your questions and maybe you could meet. But Ukraine is a lovely place to visit – Kiev is fascinating. I can recommend flying there and visiting their factory.

  • Tim. I hope your adventure is everything you expected and wanted. I am extremely impressed with the research you put into your choice of vehicle and body builder. What changes would you make today having now used your vehicle in various conditions.

    • Hi Steve. I’m working now on improving the brakes – they are ‘OK’ right now but could be better. So far I’ve just changed the fluid to a DOT5 racing fluid but I’m in touch with a pad manufacturer to make pads based on a material they use for Dakar type trucks. My only issue is whether that material works from cold. If it does, then I’ll upgrade the pads. I’m looking to replace all the rubber hoses with Aeroquip or similar too. All minor changes really but if I can add 2 or 3% efficiency here or there, it all adds up. I’d like to add a Telma retarder but there’s not enough space underneath due to my aux diesel tanks. Hindsight eh!

      I’ve added a heavy duty TI Systems compressor and plumbed in airlines through the chassis rails to the front, and have TI hoses for the rears. I have high flow TI System valves installed so can inflate all 6 tyres from sand pressures in under 10 minutes minutes – a fraction of the time it would take with a conventional consumer spec compressor or garage forecourt. Look out for a video feature covering that soon – time to buy a DJI Osmo Pocket for videos I think!

      I decided against adding an awning. I’m still in two minds whether that was right or wrong decision but there we are, it’s done and I don’t like the way they add a couple more inches to the vehicle width at the top, so it’s a decision I’m sticking with.

      Finally the headroom in the ‘bedroom’ is only 92cm. Again, I knew that and accepted it. I’m not the sort to sit in bed reading, so felt I did not need to be able to sit up and have more clearance above my head. But with hindsight, another 10cm headroom would have been good and not really affected the storage space significantly. But there we are, it’s done.

    • Hi Josef, no it’s a single caliper. I just bought some custom made brake pads from EBC which may improve things but I’ve not yet had a chance to fit them.

  • Hi Tim,

    I met you around 2 years ago when you just got the truck in Mushrif Park.

    How do you find the Air Compressor now? where can I get one please? what’s the brand name?


    • Hi Sameh – yes I’m still here! It wasn’t the plan, but that’s life sometimes…… My compressor was supplied by TI Systems in Dubai. I’ll send you an email with contact details for Martin who distributes their products here in the UAE.

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