Caffeine & Machine at Port Rashid

If there’s one thing I do enjoy it’s a car show and when my friend and serial automotive business entrepreneur Phil McGovern announced his latest “Caffeine & Machine” meet, I realised this would be my first chance to show TTT off to a wide audience and generate some interest in the vehicle, my journey and this blog.  So with TTT duly washed and polished I drove down to the event at the superb Port Rashid venue. The directions themselves were enticing “Go in through the main gate, tell them you are with Caffeine & Machine. Go over the first roundabout, left at the lights, then turn left at the Queen Elizabeth II”.

TTT in the foreground, QE2 in the background.

No, Her Majesty was not actually there to meet me in person, but the cruise liner the QE2 has been moored in Dubai for 10+ years now and whilst it’s a shame she’s not been developed as the tourist attraction which she could be (along the lines of the Queen Mary in Long Beach CA), she’s still an imposing vessel.  As I entered the port there was a 1930s Ford pick-up behind me and a modified Unimog in front of me, so I knew I was going to enjoy the show. I drove past my friend Laurie Bridger’s gorgeous 1959 Cadillac convertible, waited for a couple of 1960’s Mustangs to park, queued behind a Lamborghini LM002 4×4 to get to the ‘off road’ display and parked alongside my business partner Ian Barker’s Chevy LS2 powered rally prepped Nissan Patrol (it’s for sale, details here )

My business partner Ian Barker, his wife Sheila, TTT and a Mog…

I hadn’t been out of the vehicle five minutes and was still opening up all the panels and attaching information sheets (to save me explaining things a 100 times) , when the first intrigued passers-by came over to chat. It must have been two hours later when I realised the sun was beginning to set and I’d yet to take any photos. So I made a very brief walk around a fraction of one of the display areas, between the McLaren P1s and Lancia Stratos, vintage Jaguars and Porsches, Ferrari 365 and 308s (mmmmm!), VW split screen campers and…and…and…

Jaguar SS
Rather more beautiful than my own XF SV8

I was in automotive heaven, but sadly lack of light curtailed my photography, and by the time I returned to TTT there was a queue of visitors waiting to take a look around. If I’d have been charging admission I’d have made a fortune. I reckon I showed over 30 groups and families around the truck, met up with a number of my journalist friends who were finally able to see the vehicle for the first time, and generally just had a great time.

Porsche 911
Detail of a classic Porsche 911

Six hours later I drove home, a very happy man, and with any number of new followers of this blog – so “Hi” to you all and Thanks for coming along and meeting me. And Thank you Phil for the trouble I know you must have gone to, to get the event off the ground.

Jaguar E-Type
The most beautiful car in the world. According to Enzo Ferrari


10 comments on “Caffeine & Machine at Port Rashid

  • Tim I wanted to ask you if it would be okay to use your picture with the QE2 in the background in The QE2 Story forum newsletter. I would give you credit as the photographer and link to this page . The aim of the QE2 Story is to keep the memory of the ship alive.

    • Hi Linda. Thank You, it’s kind of you to ask. Yes of course you can. I toured the QE2 in Southampton when I was a small child, seems a shame to see her ‘mothballed’ in Dubai but hopefully one day she’ll be spruced up and either set sail again or become a permanent attraction in Dubai, similar to the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

  • Dear Tim loved your 6×6 sprinter could you send me the details of were you got chassis from and we’re the body was made ,and what sort of cost am I looking at do you have a page designated to that lovely 6×6 sprinter,I wS also at badkissenger overland show it was fab.Been trying to find my rx4 sprinter in the uk for the last 7 months their like rocking horse poo.cheers phil.

    • Hi Philip. Details are all on this site, the chassis builders were Oberaigner, the cabin KrugXP. Sorry for the huge delay in answering but the comments section seems to have been overrun by spam and I’ve spent three hours sorting through over 3,500 messages – yours is the first one I have approved! Costs vary wildly depending on your own specs, but don’t expect change out of EURO 200,000 for a new build, made to order. (That’s cabin + chassis). Maybe more….

  • we are 2 canadiens who plan to go From montreal to Mongolie
    We like to buy a camper like your
    What is is the cost to convert your mercedes in 6 x6?
    What is the cost for the Krung Xp box?
    Could you give us your contact on bath cie

      • Nice Site! I am also in the process of deciding on a vehicle for Alaska to Tierra. I have been thinking of doing a similar setup to what you have put together…especially since I can get the 4×4 sprinter in the US. Could you also pass on your costs for your build. I have read nice things about the KrugXP…what did your box end up costing you? are you happy with it now that you’ve had some time living in it? Thanks in advance. Stay safe!

      • I think that you forgot us
        Please give us price conversion
        Your contact for oberaingner
        And also your contact in Ukraine for the boxe
        And price around for the. Boxe and lead Time to do the boxe

    • Hi Serge.

      I don’t think the 6×6 was ever available in the N American market – and now is no longer made as Mercedes is bringing out the next model of Sprinter so the old chassis is not now available to Oberaigner.

      For KrugXP pricing, it so much depends on the size, spec, options, materials etc. that you should contact Dima directly to discuss it.

      I found the KrugXP cabin to be excellent – I’m very happy with it.

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