Interviewed by Expedition Extreme

Having returned from Germany in the early hours of Friday last weekend, by mid afternoon I was heading off in my Series II Discovery towards Sweihan, to meet up with the Land Rover Owners Club of the U.A.E. for their first camp out of the year. Whilst there I met up with my friend Shaun Meyer, himself an extremely experienced off road driver & overlander from South Africa, who recently created his YouTube channel; Expedition Extreme. We had a chat about my truck, which can be seen below.

As you can see, we’re seasoned pros who got the whole thing done first time in a single take.
Just a minute, my phone’s ringing….it might be Hollywood. Got to go…….

3 comments on “Interviewed by Expedition Extreme

  • Hi Tim,

    beautifull rig ! I’m going almost the same way. After 33years of LandRover I’m thinking of a Oberaigner (because Iglhaut and Achleitner don’t deliver the necessary COC2 attest to register it in Belgium). I’m thinking of the 319 Sprinter (= the 3 liter V6) with the shortest wheelbase. What motor do you have chosen? And is it already an Euro6 motor ? I can only order an Euro6 now, I’m a bit afraid that it is not the ideal type for outside Europe. For the moment I’m emailing with Andreas Praefke from Oberaigner and I wrote him today that you convinced me over to Oberaigner. The Sprinter van doesn’t have an independent chassis like my LR Discovery4, wich I drove through West-Africa and from Belgium to Beijing (over Iran and Mongolia). I hope the sprinter van will be strong enough. But anyway my Discovery is total loss now and all new LR has no more independent chassis neither. Hope all goes well with you and your real overlander and that you can drive off and enjoy soon !
    Kind regards from Belgium, Jean-Luc

    • Thanks Jean-Luc. Yes I’m a die hard Land Rover fan myself but wanted a bigger chassis / vehicle to make such a long journey. I opted for the Euro 3 spec 2143cc 4 cylinder engine since Euro 3 is still legal here in Dubai. However the fact is I am already having my doubts. I have only 330Nm torque for what will be a 6.3 tonne vehicle. That’s OK, but slow! Maybe I should have got the V6 and simply removed the EGR / DPF. Belgium – Beijing sounds like it would have been an amazing trip. Asia is “Round 3” of my trip, after Africa and the Americas. I’m very happy with my suppliers, Obereigner and KrugXP so I’m sure you’ll find the Oberaigner is a good choice. Krug too if you are looking to have a cabin made. Bonne journee.

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