Project Bob

Whilst a post about my photos of Project Bob – the beautiful bobtailed, hand crafted motorbike seen here – may appear to have nothing to do with TTT, that’s not quite true. Because you can’t possibly embark on a project like building, or in my case adding modifications to, an overland truck, without assistance from friends every now and then. Recently, Alan Boyter of VR Customs, the craftsman behind this awesome bike, has helped me out with a couple of welding jobs which I needed doing by someone who understands ‘hand build speak’ and doesn’t ask for technical drawings – he just gets on and fabricates things, right first time.

Now friends with those skills and an “I’ll always help” attitude don’t grow on trees, so it was my turn to return the favour when Alan asked me to photograph Project Bob. Of course I didn’t hesitate to say Yes, but I also knew I’d have to pull all the stops out if the photos were to do the bike justice. I therefore went out and rented a couple of large Profoto studio lights and diffuser boxes, then spent a couple of days at my warehouse ( Al Thika Packaging ) shooting ‘Bob’ the best I could. This was quite the learning process as I’d only ever lit portraits with studio lights before, but I was pretty happy with the results in the end.

It seems a few on line magazines felt the same way since the story of the project build has now appeared on line in a couple of places, and we are hopeful that one or two more might yet use it. Enjoy the images. Oh and by the way – Bob is for sale if you’re interested…

VR Customs Dubai Is Back With Its Latest ‘Project Bob’

Thank You Alan for your help with the bumper brackets and the fuel tank manifolds – I did mention the need for a pair of mud flap mounts didn’t I?

More details
Perfect from every angle
520 hours of craftsmanship
Bob in the Al Thika warehouse
Moody Bob
Project Bob details
The devil’s in the detail.
Ready to go. In style.
Photo-shoot set-up
All you need’s a warehouse, forklift, pallet, rented lights and a step ladder…

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