Cabin Build – approaching completion

The cabin construction - almost complete

Construction of my overland truck cabin is progressing well and it should be completed within the next two or three weeks. As you can see from the photographs below, taken at the KrugXP factory in Cherkasy, Ukraine a few days ago, the kitchen and seating area are well underway, whilst the cabin paint scheme, chosen so that it would keep the cabin cooler in hot weather, looks good. I think so anyway, and since I’m paying for it, that’s what counts! The blue roof on the inside of the cabin is simply to remind me that there’s a lovely blue sky outside (hopefully!) and that I should be outside the truck a lot more than I am inside. That’s the plan anyway…

More photos to follow next week.

Cabin Seating
Cabin seating area, viewed from the kitchen

The framework you can see bottom right sits below the aft bench seat. In front of that will be the sliding table and ahead of that, to the right of this image, the ‘pilot’s seat’ which will move to the centre of the window hatch when the table is slid to the rear position. In the background is another, larger truck which you can see Krug has almost finished.

The cabin kitchen is coming along nicely. Now I just need to learn to cook…

The large aperture nearest the camera will house a 3 ring gas hob with oven and grill beneath. In the background you see the vertical storage which will house the freezer below and fridge in the centre section.