Cabin Fever

After a few delays, some minor, some not so minor, my cabin was transported from KrugXP to Hellgeth Engineering in Germany just over a week ago. It has arrived there safely and we are now waiting until the work is finished on my chassis and fuel tank, before the cabin and chassis will be joined in glorious matrimony. Having given them a respectful couple of weeks to get to know each other, I plan on visiting Hellgeth on November 16th to sign off the project as “complete”. Almost 11 months after I ordered the chassis, it will be a red letter day for me.

Then the complete truck will be shipped from Bremerhaven by Deugro, with whom I was put in contact by my good friend Henrique Pimental of Daimler Commercial Vehicles. Deugro work with Mercedes, Oberaigner and Hellgeth, transporting their vehicles around the world, so I could not be in safer hands when it comes to the shipping and clearing arrangements here in Dubai.

Busy, busy

I’ve kept myself busy finding a company who can fit additional soundproofing to my truck once it’s here, whilst also planning the fitting of the additional lights, GPS antennae, front recovery points etc. And continuing to learn German. S L O W L Y. I had a meeting with a radio station last week to discuss the possibility of sending in monthly reports about life on the road, and have started selling off a few of my personal possessions in order to liquidate some funds to be spent on equipment for the truck. So if you are in the market for a set of Tannoy 611 speakers with Adcom power and pre-amp, Pearl Vision (Birch) drum kit, Canon 300mm L IS lens or Series 1 Land Rover Discovery, let me know….

Discovery 1 For Sale
My Discovery 1 is for sale. Please give generously…

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  • What model Krug is this? The 4000? Thinking about going with Krug aswell but on a Mitsubishi Fuso chassis. Their website has limited info though and no pricing whatsoever(which is kinda scary, even Bliss has pricing..yikes). But your blog really has sold me on them, the build quality is superb and no nonsense. Really looking forward to seeing future posts on your blog and sorry to read that you’ve had some drive train issues already 🙁


    • Hi Andrew. Mine was only the 9th cabin they had built I believe, and was totally custom (4.7m long), so it is not one of the specific models they show on the web page. Now their order book is MUCH more full, close to 30 I think, maybe more now. I guess there is no pricing because there are so many options, even if you go for a standard layout, there’s material choices, equipment choices (fridge, freezer, gas or electric ovens, A/C or no A/C, water filtration system etc) so just drop them a line and let them know what you are looking for. Tell Joerg I sent you 🙂 Of course a standard layout will start out cheaper because it’s already designed, mine had to be designed from scratch and that takes time / costs money. I would not say they were cheap, but I can’t afford cheap. Really the quality is first rate, and I’m very happy with the price versus the finished product. I had someone look at my truck today and remark that it was better finished than his (expensive) apartment. Now I have had time to look into every corner, at every wire, all the components, in detail, I am still extremely happy with it.

      Should have the replacement driveshaft fitted on Saturday or Sunday I hope. Just one of those things that can happen in transit I guess – I think someone pressed the ‘diff lock’ buttons and didn’t know what they’d done…but at least it was well insured :-). So look out for good news – I hope – by Sunday or Monday. Fingers crossed.

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