Tim’s Travel Truck facebook page created.

Well it was about time I created a facebook page to make it easier to separate my personal fb stuff from all the TTT posts, so the deed is done.

Please click here:  https://www.facebook.com/TimsTravelTruck/

Don’t forget to like and follow the page for regular updates, and please feel free to drop me a line on either Facebook or here. Managing my social media content is clearly going to keep me busy – as if driving across Africa wasn’t enough work  🙂

7 comments on “Tim’s Travel Truck facebook page created.

  • Hi, I’m a fan of your work! Keep up realizing your good idea’s. It’s a pity of the distance between Belgium and Dubai, I would like to show you my new small Oberaigner Sprinter 4×4. But anyway as I write in the description of my video I thank you for the inspiration! Now I’m equiping my Sprinter, see my channel 4x4overlandSprinter: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7IqrfPxJcp6rV6YgJLWM_g/videos?view_as=subscriber
    Wish you all the best overlanding trips! See you on the recreational road. Jean-Luc

    • Thank You Jean Luc. Sorry for the delayed reply – I am having trouble managing all the spam on this site, and could not face working through 3,000+ spam messages until today. I really appreciate the video mention – Thank You. Safe travels and have a great 2018.

  • Hi Tim,
    congratulation to your new Truck! When are you heading of to Africa?
    I´m just searching for a company to build a cabin for my MAN LE 14.220 4×4 Crew Cab.
    What is your experience with Krug Expedition in terms of quality, price and timing?
    Thank you very much!
    Have a safe journey and all the best for 2018!
    Best wishes from Hamburg,


    • Hi Gunnar. My experience was excellent – in all those aspects. I met Krug first at Bad Kissingen and after comparing their build quality with the ‘better known’ cabin builders, was happy that Krug’s was as good, or in many aspects better. So I went to Ukraine to visit their factory and was equally happy, so placed my order soon after. When it arrived in Dubai, I was not disappointed – it is excellent. I am sending you an email to introduce you to their German senior designer / engineer.

  • Dear Tim,

    congratulations to the Truck. We are having the same chassis with the V6 engine (Oberaigner 6×6 with terracab cabin) since > 1 year and have not experienced bigger issues so far. As im reading from your (now resolved) chassis problems I’am quite curious if there is something we should take special care off. I would appreciate a short note from a co-owner (e-mail would be great as I have no regular fb account) very much. Good look with the built and I hope to see you travelling soon!

    best wishes from Frankfurt,

    • Hi Alexander – Thanks for your message. I’ll drop you a line privately shortly. Nothing specific to worry about – I just think my chassis was built very late on a Friday afternoon! It took a lot to fix it, but all is apparently well now.

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